Free Patterns from Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn just announced that all of their patterns online will be available for free!

I don't know if anything else really needs to be said, as that's awesome enough by itself. But if you're curious: Lion Brand used to have a whole lot of free patterns, and quite a few more that you had to pay for. All of the patterns people used to have to pay for, no longer require any monetary exchange.

Let me be the first to apologize to you if you've ever purchased a patten from Lion Brand. There's one easy way to get them back: go find as many free amazing patterns you can, and craft away!

Picture of Free Patterns from Lion Brand Yarn
lemonie8 years ago
Link? L
StumpChunkman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Sorry about that. Added.
DebH578 years ago
Thanks Stump!