Free Rice Help End World Hunger

I found this website that says

"For each word you get right, we will donate 10 grains of rice through United Nations to help end world hunger"

I thought this was pretty cool, all I did was use to figure out the words.

Any way to possibly "hack" this? To auto answer or something then leave it running ;-) (It would be for the good of the world, like a modern day Robin Hood or something?)

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TysonH96 months ago

nice post

bratok7 years ago
 it is pretty easy..i got 3600 rice without using dictionary..and best level was 34..pretty good
actually, now its 20 grains per question =P
noahh10 years ago
I love this site! I once got 1200 grains.
bewise54 noahh10 years ago
cool there's a competition in my English class and my friend and I got 17,500 grains of rice in one 45 min session
uguy10 years ago
Of course this all is moot if the United Nations doesn't get the rice to the proper people and it doesn't get short circuited to someone, like the food for oil project.
Patrik10 years ago
Hm... didn't I post a couple of comments on this thread a few days ago? Seems like they're all gone now - weird. Still top of my game - made it to 250 grains in a row (lvl 46) before flunking. "Duff" is what did me in this time. Turns out it's a pudding - go figure! Managed to get to level 50 the other day.
ah well..glad someone is doin it
I don't know much about hacks but that would be a great idea..It should be fairly easy..You have only four choices..It gives you another go. so you will be right eventually so a hack that answers yes to the first..if wrong then two..if wrong then three..if wrong then four then start over again on the next question..And all this for rice.. I am a cynic...Who gives the rice, how and to whom? The idea is deadly (Irish idiom , meaning cool!) i hope you hacky boys can do this
ehrm... read above - it has been done already. :)
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