Free Sewing Patterns

I'm trying to find a bunch of patterns for various pieces of medieval garb. The idea is that I want to make a bunch of outfits from my book, mostly as visual aids, but also as cosplay (because it's way more fun to dress up as your own characters than someone else's). If anyone can help me find the patterns, I need them for:
  • Tunics (both laced and otherwise)
  • Trousers
  • Hooded cloaks
  • Kirtles (sleeveless and long-sleeved)
  • A buckled leather jacket (i.e. a jacket with buckles in place of buttons) (it's for a male character, by the way)
I would preferrably like the patterns to be free, but, if not, I need them to at least be downloadable. The jacket will probably be a little tricky, since it's leather and not a very common design, but if anyone can find somewhere that sells them fairly cheaply, let me know. Of course, I'm not going to dump the work on everyone else and then slack off. I'm going to keep searching as well, so I can compare ideas and suggestions from everyone.

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I know a great site, its (I think its org), sorry. But i shall look at some of those other sites
fantasticx25 years ago
Found another site
timmycutts (author)  fantasticx25 years ago
Yeah, I might stay away from that one. I can't go further than the landing page without having to create an account, which I don't want to do unless I know that it has what I'm looking for (which I can't find out because I need an account). Thanks anyway, though.
fantasticx25 years ago
Craft Site Directory
Craft site directory is a listing directory for internet craft sites throughout the world.

Card Making Patterns
Rubber Stamping

This is a very good site!!!!!!!!!!!!
timmycutts (author)  fantasticx25 years ago
Thanks, there's certainly some promising looking information there, but there looks to be very little of it. I'll see if I can get the time to look through everything.
There used to be so many fantastic sites - lots of the ones I remember all seem to be gone, and most of the current ones are all dead links. Boo!

I did find one good one, though:
timmycutts (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
Oh, wow. I love the tunics and the dress on this page. Not so sure about everything else though. It kind of bothers me that there's nothing for kirtles, which are the most basic of medieval women's fashion. I should be able to modify one of the tunics into one, since that's essentially what they are, but the hose and the ghillies will be largely useless to me (It also bugs me that people associate ghillies with the norse, when there's no way they'd keep your feet warm). Anyway, thanks for finding that. Hopefully I can make something of it (not until I have the money and space for materials), though it'll be tricky to do in a tiny house with no sewing maching (or sewing machine experience)...