Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides and for thoughs that don't know offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

yddet128 years ago
Does anyone know if the speakers at are high quality, or if they're just your average crappy speakers? Thanks in advance for any information.
juggalo_assassin183 (author)  yddet128 years ago
i wouldent consider them super high end but there not crap im acualy pretty well impressed with them
juggalo_assassin183 (author) 8 years ago
im lookin for biger speakers around 4.5 in +
8bit8 years ago
I have more little speakers than I need. Consider a trade?