Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides and for thoughs that don't know offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

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Nice post, but I have a suggestion... Try running your post through the spell checker before posting it, you seem to have some trouble with English spelling..
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
probably won't get any good speakers from them
NachoMahma8 years ago
. No need to post the same message to three forums.
juggalo_assassin183 (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
i figerd it ifit into all 3 and all it does is give it more exposer for hopefully more awnsers
. You figured wrong. It clutters the forums and makes it necessary for you (and any one else who is interested) to keep up with three topics.
110100101108 years ago
for medium but loud speakers look in the trash for a tv for small speakers look for tape boombox (the tweeter speaker) and toys