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WarenGonzaga6 months ago

Is there any free stuff here?

i'm looking for a used satellite dish and i don't know where to get one.

kj sky2 years ago

i'm looking for a phone i cant pay for one and i need to be able to call my kids can someone help me

willz19885 years ago
hey i'am looking for any old pcs with CPU either 2,3 prosseser i can't pay for them so im looking for free ones also email me on im located in dundalk ireland
Create a forum topic, instead of posting a comment to the guidelines.
Mike735 years ago
I have my first app in iTunes.
It's called "Gas By Numbers" (a gas mileage calculator) and it's currently free.
I would still love to have my app rated, but so far, no one did :-(

I didn't really know if this appropriate in this forum, so if an admin can let me know, I would be glad. If it's not ok, I'll remove this post. I didn't know how to put an instructable for programming iOS together, but learning to program was the challenge I gave myself from last October. So it took me about 6 months from learning Objective-C to the finally published app.
Kiteman Mike735 years ago
You'll get more views if you post an actual forum topic about it, and even more views if you wrote up an instructable on how you made the app.
Mike73 Kiteman5 years ago
I know about the thing with writing up a project, but programming the app was quite extensive. So I don't know how to put together an instructable for it. If you have an idea I would probably consider doing it. But it touches on so many topics...

But what did you mean with posting a separate forum topic?

Kiteman Mike735 years ago
Click on the large orange words "free stuff" above, then look to the right and click the "new topic" button.

That will start a brand new forum topic for you to tell people about your app, and you can include screenshots to show folk what it's like.
Mike73 Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks Kiteman. I'll post a new thread tonight :-)
Let's see if I get a rating for my app.
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