Free disposable camera's or their capacitors

I want to try my hand at making a very powerful coilgun but I live in a small town and our photography store doesn't sell used cameras for less than $3 each! Which means $30-40 or more for the coilgun I want and I don't have that much to spare :( So I'm hoping someone in Australia can possibly send me as many used cameras or capacitors as they can spare, I'd be willing to pay for them as well as shipping

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AliN1031 year ago

i wish i could send you but i do not know your adress

nurdee15 years ago
I could send you some flash capacitors I am in the US so let me know if this will work.
Ahaha, I read the title and immediately thought "This guy is making a coil gun!" Since my friend and I have made plans to make a coil gun of our own, I've done a little poking around for capacitors from cameras. I would say your best bet is to go to the dollar store or something similar and see if they have disposable cameras.
teche7 years ago
sorry their not free but sell them to you friends on a camp for 5 dollars and ask them to give them back after they've developed them
teche7 years ago
I was looking for the same thing and I came across this great website that sells new disposable cameras for $1.95! Here's the website and then click on the image below and on the easy shot camera which is the same camera hope this helps :-)!
Go to Wholesale Disposable Cameras.jpg
Danielro108 years ago
sorry I have plenty of capacitors Iam willing to part with, but Iam over in the US
hey if you still have those can you send them to me i live in washington?
*Iam to *I am "Space"
grantdevine (author) 8 years ago
Thanks anyway Danielro, I appreciate sentiment And thanks to you Kiteman, that's a great idea and I'm going to email them right now, cheers XD
Kiteman8 years ago
I understand "small town" in Oz sometimes means "two houses and a pub", with your nearest neighbour living in the next time-zone, but have you not tried the local photographic developers? In the UK, most will happily hand over emptied disposable cameras for free, since it saves them the trouble of sending them to be recycled. If you live too far away from such a store, maybe you could write or email a large chain, or a manufacturer of disposable cameras, with a sob-story about needing the components for an educational technology project? Be polite, and include your postal address (even in the email), and you might be surprised at what turns up in the mail.