Free future energy? A viable solution.
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Please watch the video out.

I found this video very interesting because it actually gives a proper solution to a big problem.
It even uses a material that is pretty much abundant in our world (carbon).
the use of this material would open alot of independant project and automated.

I dont have alot more to say but I think this would be a great stimulant for a collective mind.
Any ideas what you would do with it or where you would want to see it?

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taodih (author) 6 years ago
hmmmm , about the entire presentation of the concept , I agree.
But in my point of view he took a right way to 'attack' the subject.

in general he was very passive agressive. That in itself is something we dont like because we feel attacked and I think that is just what he was going after.
Fear and anger tend to stick arround, we keep it in our back mind.
But the idea and solution are a perfectly viable way to increase our renewable energy sources.

Amorphous silicon is indeed far better for conversion effeciency but it isin't translucent (at least not so far I know of). so I dont think it is meant to replace at all , just add to it. all by all solar panels or alike wont be able to regulate internal heating as carbon nanotube.

so in combination of almost reducing a great ammount of energy for heating and solar panels are less strained by it. now also taking in the film of that makes you able to see at night it'll also reduce nightime lighting. again that is a massive gain in energy back.

and yes it will take time.

Sometimes we need to make a big fuss about it to get it even started.
lemonie taodih6 years ago

Dude, please think about this: he's suggesting that your employer save money on lighting by giving employees night-vision goggles. Is that not a Scott Adams original?

Photograph, of little dead-girl, awww - what the hell has that really got to do with carbon nanotubes? That is the worst...

>Scott Adams

Ugh, I HATE that arrogant, supercilious misogynist.

What's the opposite of misogynist? I can't find the word.

Feminist. ;)

(Or, to be technically grammatically consistent - but not truly correct in connotation...gynophile)

Sorry, I mean the gender-opposite like "misandronist".

Ah - you were close; misandrist.

Thank you.
It's not in my dictionary, and I was thinking that the reason I've never heard it used is because... why?

Prevalence. Misogyny is considered far more culturally acceptable, both in Western and non-Western societies. Therefore, it is more necessary for those who oppose it to point it out.

That is a sensible explanation, I think maybe Feminists used it a lot and as a consequence it's more well known (because there hasn't really been a Masculinist movement - the word isn't in FF's dictionary)

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