Free Openoffice(the program is just like microsoft word)

So here's the story:
A few weeks ago my computer crashed. So I started using a different one, but because I lost my microsoft installation cd, I had to use wordpad. But then I found Openoffice and downloaded it for free. It works exactly like microsft word, except it has more. Here is a link to the website that I downloaded it from:

have fun and enjoy

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finton6 years ago
I, too, have Open Office on my computer. I don't use it much as all the people I deal with in my work or private lives use Microsoft and I have MS Office 2007 via my tutor discount. However, the reason I do have OO is due to a situation at work where a very important Excel file corrupted itself and wouldn't open (yeah, backups, I know - I now write macro code to automatically backup such files when they're closed). There are several ways of retrieving data from such files, but none would work. Online advice suggested Open Office. I downloaded it, and voila!: it opened the file - with the correct formatting! The only thing missing was a couple of lines at the bottom of the table. So a free program could do to an Excel file what Excel itself couldn't do!
Patrik9 years ago
It's more like Microsoft Office, not just Word. I.e. it also has its alternatives to Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

I've switched to OpenOffice at home, because I was so pissed at Vista's crappy performance that I wasn't going to give Microsoft one more penny. Works great so far.

Mind you, it's not yet 100.00% compatible with Word. One thing which still causes some problems is trying to collaborate with somebody, by sending a document back and forth between MS Office and OpenOffice. An discrepancies between the platforms tend to amplify when you switch back and fort often enough...
Goodhart Patrik9 years ago
Yeah, but it is certainly pretty close. I know I like it, and only missed the one thing I found it didn't have (ability to count the number of word in the document) once. It wasn't a big deal though :-)
PKM Goodhart9 years ago
Are you sure it doesn't have the ability to count words? Seems like a pretty basic thing to me- I just fired up OO Writer 2.3 and it's right there in the Tools menu. If you have an older version it might be somewhere different in the menus, I suppose, and in general the menus can't be too similar to the MS ones or someone would get sued, but I'm pretty sure any recent-ish version of OpenOffice would do a word count. That's not to say OO does everything MS Word does, but the core functionality of the two should be almost identical. Microsoft might even be moving to the open document format (.ODF) that OO uses, which would make interoperability a whole bundle easier.
Goodhart PKM9 years ago
Yes, you are correct, I see it too. Hmmm, maybe it was StarOffice ? I would have to sign off here, log off the computer and log on as ADMIN to find out if that was where I ran in to the absence.....or maybe I remember it from a much earlier version *shrug*.....sorry about that.
While Vista is pretty awful, I absolutely love Office 2007. Word 07 has a bunch of awesome features for writing reports, at least. And as a high school student, that's pretty much all I use it for.
Yeah, i love open office, been using it about three months now. I even used Impress to put together my Sophomore Research Project presentation. I run it off of my thumb drive at school simply because our school hasn't updated their versions of office since they got them and they crash all the time. OpenOffice rocks!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
been using it for 3 years now. on 3 different computers
Goodhart9 years ago
I have been using Open Office for about 2 years now, and StarOffice for about one.
gmoon9 years ago
Or, just download from the OpenOffice site:
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