Free pro memberships

I have 2 free pro memberships of 3 months to give to anybody who vote and favorite my two featured ibles :)

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emisael869 months ago

Do anyone have a free membership, I am new to this site and I want to explore more.

Kiteman emisael869 months ago

You can explore all the projects on a free membership - the only area that is premium only is the "classes".

If you make a project from one of my Instructables, and share pictures, I can give you a free PRO Membership :)

Just make sure that the giveaway is open (There should be a comment at the top of the comment section explaining about it :)

KrazyK41 year ago

do you have one?

Loved the 3-D Origami Minion and the Flag of India! Favorited and voted for both of them!

Giulia Art (author)  The Mad Scientists1 year ago
Thank you a lot :) !
I sent you a message with the pro membership code:)

Received the code! Thanks!

Giulia Art (author)  The Mad Scientists1 year ago

You are welcome!

dendenny011 year ago

Those were some of good Origami Works ...!!!

Up voted and made favorite your works ... :D

Giulia Art (author)  dendenny011 year ago

Thank you:)