Free solution to clear acne and pimples without popping them?

Ok, im in puberty full swing. That means acne and pimples. I need a free solution to clear my acne and pimples. However, I dont want scar tissue left behind from popping the pimples. Do you have any solutions for this problem? Maybe some adults could help....... just leave your comments BTW, check out my avatar:

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NachoMahma9 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
that topic didnt exclude popping pimples, like mine....
. Brillo® pads may help.
Your cruelty knows no bounds! :D
You get these things called blemish pens, they're basically a rub on gel consisting of alcohol and such to dry a spot out, toothpaste purportedly does the same, Germolene is pretty good stuff, it's an antiseptic healing balm thingy, it works wonders for everything, I used it on hornet stings successfully, also there are some spots that do need evacuated, if you are worried about squeezing making a mess of your skin a sharp needle to just pop them a little would be the way to go... Personally never got an unmanageable amount of spots so popping the odd one wasn't an issue...
Toothpaste actually works!
Ok I tried it. I have a huge wad of toshpaste on my forehead and its plastering my hair to my face. AND IT WORKS GREAT!
Heck yeah! Its a ton cheaper too.
*Squirt!* *Waits ten minutes* Darn it! It is still not working!
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