Freeware Games

I'm looking for some fun freeware games, currently all I have is Stranded II, Deathworm, FLaiL, and plants versus zombies, Any more you guys know of?

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KNEXFRANTIC6 years ago is brilant you get some weird titles in the but they mostly have an 8-bit athstic ranginb from 2600 grade to nes grade
Thanks for these websites. I was looking for freeware games. I have windows vista and intel core 2 are they fast enough?
I would suggest you try Notrium. It's a hard, but rewarding survival game. I'llgive you a link:
There's more freeware games in there, as well.

Dwarf fortress needs to be mentioned here. You build dwarwen cities in beatiful ASCII graphincs.
Seems like wikipedia has an archive of all freeware games it's aware of, an endless swamp that is, but maybe you find something there.
Not necessarily a good game, but fair at best and is a flash-based game online. My friends usually use when they're bored.
assault cube, smoking,guns