French paramilitary forces break the Windows ...

The French administration is slowly replacing Microsoft's products by open sources solutions.
It started few years ago, 2005, with OpenOffice, then with Mozilla.

And now, the French Gendarmerie (paramilitary forces) plans to replace Windows XP by Unbuntu Linux.

There are three reasons behind the move [...]. The first is to diversify suppliers and reduce the force's reliance on one company, the second is to give the Gendarmerie mastery of the operating system and the third is cost [...]

The move away from licensed products is saving the gendarmerie about seven million euros (10.3 million dollars) a year for all its PCs.

The 70,000 desktops of the French Gendarmerie should be 100% Linux by 2013-2014.

This is, again, a proof that Linux solutions became mature enough to compete with Microsoft Windows.

Dell now sells computers with Linux instead of Windows.
OLPC and EEEPC use Linux.
Several administrations around the world are seriously planning to move to Linux and Open-Source.

Is this is the beginning of a new era ?
How many administrations around the world will abandon Microsoft too ?
How long before buying a computer with Linux sounds like a serious option for a majority of consumers ?

I wonder if Microsoft really feel worried about that ... =o)

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Die Micro$hit, die! Now if only schools would do that...
my school did that,edubuntu for the lab computers(wine included)and ubuntu for the teacher laptops,the teachers room still has the MS98 on it
Derin Derin9 years ago
psst:dont tell the teachers i peeked at the teachers room
I was gonna as well. :'-(
haha lol*cuts off mouth from whatsisface*
ll.139 years ago
Ubuntu? :-/ -I don't understand.... this "love" for -*-*- ubuntu.... Oh, you forgot to mention Everex, their gPC, and Cloud book (Asus eeePC rival) ;-)
chooseausername (author)  ll.139 years ago
Personally, I find odd they selected Ubuntu instead of Mandriva (given that Mandriva is a french distribution of Linux).

Everex ?
Oh ! I want one !! I want one !!
(BTW, the [ gPC's OS] is based on Ubuntu 7.10 !)
yes i considered the everex too but the c7 clocked at 1.5ghz is exceptionally disappointing.
!!! I want one too now. Plus it has a decent sized hard drive. That was what was holding me back on the eeePC. Besides, you can install whatever OS you want on it, except Vista... I don't think it will run it too well.
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