Friend of Instructables and Friend of Humanity Held in China

Long-time friend of Instructables James Powderly of GRL, FFFFFAT LAB and Throwies fame is currently reported to be held by the Chinese Government for over 24 hours without further word for planning a pro-Tibet LASER Tag event in Beijing.

"James is proud to have been kicked out of the Synthetic Times new media art exhibition in Beijing because he wouldn't censor his little art project. James wonders why organizations like the MoMA, Parsons, Eyebeam, Ars Electronica and many other arts and cultural institutions around the world who claim to support free speech and expression would participate in a show like this. But they did! It was after being kicked to the curb by the show's curator that James connected with Students for a Free Tibet and decided he would go to China anyway and do what he though was right in support of Tibet, Taiwan, free speech and the people of China. James lives, if indeed he is alive, in the County of Kings, Brooklyn, and teaches at the Communication Design and Technology program at Parsons the New School for Design. I am James Powderly and I approve of this message."

We wish the best to him and his family.

This via Boing Boing.

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whatsisface9 years ago
Just to say that James has now been released.
mspark4009 years ago
I think instructables should present him with a medal of bravery when he gets out for what he did as well as representing the most looked at 'ible ever. Seriously. Medal for him from Instructables!(or something else like a medal like a laser cut something or a robot etc) Good luck James! !!!Eric I'm Serious BTW!!!!
emuman4evr9 years ago
Whats free tibet?
Image from BustedTees.
Must have that T-shirt.
They want to free (liberate) Tibet, the country.
Because Tibet in the past has been it's own country. China claims Tibet to be autonomous, yet any new laws have to be put by the Chinese Government. Tibetans are arrested, jailed, sometimes even killed if they bear the Tibetan flag.

Pretty much, they're really strict on what you can and can't do. If you try to resist or even query, they'll arrest you (which often results in relocation). Tibetan nomads who try to keep there own culture are forcefully relocated into POW looking camps. Where they're not allowed to leave the complexes and they are underfed.

If you're still interested:

And all the 6 parts are definitely worthwhile watching. A guy goes undercover in Tibet. It's pretty interesting.
Good to know thanx.
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