Friends Feature on Instructables

I was thinking that a 'friend' or 'watch' feature could be added to instructables. One that would allow you to click a button on a user's page and add them to a list that would send you an email once per day/hour/week that would tell you if they had posted new instructables. I think this feature would be very useful. This is just a thought, but I would love to hear other users' opinions on the matter.

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Also it would be handy for people you PM alot, maybe something like youtube where you could subscribe to people's instructables, which would be great for larger 'ibles that take several seperate ones in a series.
Ora (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Exactly, although comments are great, PMs and subscriptions would bring the community together even more, in my opinion.
I know, though I've had plenty of big conversations via comments, most of them with goodhart, on what amounts to everything... I'm hoping to go to kiteman's instructables show and tell, mainly so I can see other members of the community for real but also to see what gets brought to the table, I'll have to bring something special for that... Oh by the way I'm going out for supplies for a pulse jet today, should be finished next week, maybe even monday, tuesday time. Ooh good example of interactions carrying over...
Ora (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
I'd love to go to an in person Instructables meet next time there's one in LA. Good luck on the pulse jet! I'd love to know some specifics in relation to the materials, building process, and measurements. I'm having a little trouble with my jet at the moment. I might be able to trouble shoot better once I attach it fully. Do you happen to know a good way of attaching aluminum to itself?
Which parts need attached? Also whats wrong with it? Well after seeing Sedgewicks which worked I decided to go on ahead with my original plan, it'll probably be around two feet long and I'm not sure how high, width will probably be in the region of 10 inches. Materials, dependant on price but all pre-threaded pipe if I can afford it I'll use stainless steel for a longer life, if not I'll probably tweak it for maximum thrust but run it at something like 80% power to extend the life. I'll do a full instructable on it.
Ora (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
If you build that engine correctly, it would be powerful enough to move a small airplane. For mine, I need to attach an aluminum cap to another aluminum cap of the same exact shape and size around their rims. And when I run it like I do in the video, it works fine, but when I do it with the elongation of the nozzle, it just burns like a lighter, but when I turn off the butane, it stays lit, then for a split second sputters and shoots out a big flame, about an inch and a half long.
Did you get sorted with your engine, post pics, I'd like to see this continue on, especially since I reckon a low speed ramjet could be on the cards...
do they get hot? if they don't you could solder or glue them... If not I've found holts gun gum handy, it's a water soluble exhaust jointing and sealing paste, and it showed no signs of damage or worry before the brass started to overheat, which was a bad experience for me, I switch to a butane torch for more power and didn't think about the extra BTU's of heat going in, causing the brass to get up to a dangerous temp.
Kiteman9 years ago
You already can. If you go to somebody's home area (click on their name), there is an RSS feed button near the top of the screen.
Ora (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, I didn't know that, thank you!