Frozen Soap Bubbles

Some clever person figured out that if you give soap bubbles enough time to fall to ground on a very cold night, by the time they reach it they will be frozen. Of course, pictures have ensued. Check them out as they are quite beautiful

Thanks Boing Boing!

Picture of Frozen Soap Bubbles
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I wonder...
LucDaRocka17 years ago
in the reflection it kinda looks like a man with no head. scary
baileygrib8 years ago
I know a way to make "frozen" soap bubbles that you can hold and toss around. Send me a message and i will give you the recipe for the solution.
Still have that recipe on hand? I would be interested in knowing how this is done, if you have the time to explain it to me. Thanks

oh canu give me the recipe to i want to fasinate my sister and while at it give u the credit okay.

 theres an instructable tht i made called frozen bubbles check tht out.
Please send me the recipie.

Goodhart8 years ago
Just a bit of is never good to place a "readable" email addy on a public forum.  Spammers find this too easy pickins ;-) 
rhills Goodhart8 years ago
Thank you Goodhart
I am sooo going to do that this winter!
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