Fuel Vaporizer , where to start??

I'm trying to find some how tos' on making a fuel vaporizer for my car. I've searched the nets and couldn't really find a how to.. I've also checked the youtubes but some of the vids are foreign language.

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anybody here? who can tell me about how to maintain air fuel ratio for the setup when you run your car on petrol vapours. and how will it accelerate? i mean if i want to give throttle then how am i going to speed up.as the accelerater doesn't works in that setup.

t00short2 years ago

truth will set you free! I highly recommend reading even if you don't plan on building one, just to be more informed on how gasoline should be used in all internal combustion engines(ICE). It was published in 1980, it has several carburetors to look at and has pics, sadly no step by step instructions!! I included the pdf attached. This site also has added a link for the pdf download. Download before it gets deleted! The first carburetor of its kind was patented over 80 years ago!! http://www.apparentlyapparel.com/news/200mpg-carburetor-conversion-pdf

WilliamB33 years ago

HHO should work fine and not come up against the laws of physics if the alternator is NOT used to power the electrolyzer. Instead, thermoelectric generators powered by the vehicle's waste heat should be used to power the electrolyzer in a standard, non-hybrid vehicle. The engine will not work any harder to power a TEG, since waste heat is a byproduct of any running internal combustion engine, so the HHO from the electrolyzer would be a source of extra fuel with no cost in performance. This would raise efficiency levels.

This could be done, it would work, miles per gallon would go up, and no one could could feasibly argue that the physics don't allow it. After all, using the engine's waste heat is using a valid source of energy that routinely goes to waste. If that energy is captured and used to generate HHO via a thermoelectric generator and an HHO electrolyzer, it should reduce the amount of gasoline consumed per mile in a gasoline vehicle.

This could be done and there are advantages beyond higher mpg, like cleaner emissions due to HHO's ability to more thoroughly combust gasoline, but I'd bet no one even bothers to try due to the upfront cost of a thermoelectric generator. Let's face it. People won't really give a crap unless there is a true energy crisis, a situation where fuel is too expensive or truly in short supply.

you are genius sir. i looking for that source of information for long time on internet. finally got for my project.

If HHO generation on the fly could be done, then please go and do it, but I know it can't, and I haven't even got a degree in physics, I do have common sense though and know that to split Hydrogen and Oxygen, you need twice the energy input into separating them than you would get back, it's a simple case of ever diminishing returns. It's not worked to date, and doubtful that it will ever work in the future.

well I have done it, Not just run my mouth. You are right about one thing, you know nothing and have not done it so your comments are also nothing.

Kiteman rbodell2 years ago


1. Please remember the site's Be Nice policy.

2. I can't see any evidence on your profile that you have actually run a car on electrolysed water. As the truism goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (sometimes paraphrased as "put up or shut up"). Would you care to share your extraordinary evidence?

rbodell Kiteman2 years ago

please don't embarrass yourself, they are being mass produced.

Why would I even waste the time for that. Hydrogen is old. I made hydrogen from water and lit a bunsen burner with it for a 6th grade science project in in the early 60's. and I didn't even get an honorable mention for it.

They have been around for so long this used car website even lists hydrogen as a fuel in the search box.



California has hydrogen fueling stations


And their fuel is FREE


Here is toyota's 2016 model


Kiteman rbodell2 years ago

Ah, I see the confusion here - this thread was about running cars with an electrolyser powered by the engine, essentially a free energy perpetual motion machine.

Nobody with any knowledge has denied that cars can be run on hydrogen, they've just raised concerns about hobbyists trying to store "home made" hydrogen under pressure, or even already pre-mixed with oxygen.

rbodell rbodell2 years ago

I forgot the link to the website for USED cars with hydrogen as a fuel source


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