Full Autos (K'NEX)

With this link, it should be easy to build a K'NEX automatic. Scroll down to "Blowback Guns" and hold down the trigger.

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It isn't possible to make a blowback gun with K'NEX. Because we do not use explosives in guns, so we don't get the recoil. However, it is possible to make a machine gun out of k'nex with THIS DESIGN IN THE VIDEO. It's a basic setup: At first. A large wheel with pins sticking out rotates and pulls back the firing pin. After a while the firing pin will be released, letting the firing pin blow the bullet out of the barrel. If you continue cranking, this proccess will repeat, and there's your fully automatic gun. However, some k'nex guns are powered by firecrackers. But if you would use real bullets the barrel would explode from the extreme force. (Sorry for ultimately long comment :P)
try putting your trekker motors on it
Yeah, because this hasn't been answered or anything... Bit of an old topic, annoying when they keep getting necroposted.
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I don't understand why it's annoying.
Because they are old topics no-one cares about anymore.
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its the never ending revolver!!!!
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There is nothing for knex guns to get the explosion necessary to push the pin back.
DrWeird117 (author)  Wafflicious8 years ago
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