Full-size plywood spacecraft

Pete Hennessey of Melbourne, Australia has made a series of full-size plywood replicas of space-related items. Amazingly enough he modeled them in Illustrator and the whole process of making a model of Hubble took him three months to make. Yow!

peter hennessey: my hubble
via MAKE

Picture of Full-size plywood spacecraft
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stale567 years ago
He should post an Ible' on how to make this. Step by step.
lemonie7 years ago
Uh, is anyone else thinking of Star Wars? L
As in full scale replica of the Milennium Falcon? I'm with ya buddy!
Yea, that's it. L
You need to click on rich editor when you write your 'L'. Because with the normal editor, it doesnt let you use the enter key. :-(
Yes I know, but sometimes I can't be bothered...

Plywood death star. Enough said.
KentsOkay7 years ago
I want a plywood space ship mock up...
jasongroupindustries says it all!
bowmaster7 years ago
Dang, that's awesome.
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