Fun Box

I think someone should make a detailed instructable for a fun box it would be awesome cuz im always looking for detailed instuctions!

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Easy Button9 years ago
heres a pic of a funbox
oh well, there he goes.....all he has to do is duplicate that :-) using sturdy materials of course.
amya0008 years ago
that doesnt look like a box to me lol
the_mad_man8 years ago
don't spell "fun" like that, spell it like this! "phun"
A fun box? They sell that at most grocery stores... it's called Hamburger Helper =P
The grocer's version of a Happy Meal, eh ? LOL
zero0928 (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Uhhh lol?? im talking bout a skatboarding funbox....
But what is a skateboarding funbox? Does it giggle? Does it shoot glitter and bubbles through small orifices?

Or do you jump off it and shout "Weee! This is fun!"?

Maybe a picture of a "real" funbox?
I wonder if it is anything like a "fun-house" :-)
mrbox9 years ago
What is this about boxes?
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