Fun (Techie) Question(s)...(will be continued if there is interest) This is #1:

Engineering problem:

The problem is to take an extension cord (you will have to figure the gauge at some point), and wire in 2 more "sockets" (for plugs) in series or in parallel, plus 3 neon bulbs in such a way that they only light when something is...
#1: plugged into the corresponding socket &
#2: the something (appliance, light, etc) is turned on, in other words, when that portion of the circuit is closed.

The cord will be for very light rated appliances or bulbs. Nothing beyond a kilowatt althogether.
Specify extension cord wire gauge and anything else needed for the project and it's necessary rating / part number.

And most of all, have fun....and don't over think the problem ;-)

OK, I blew it.....I knew I had created a similar cord to the one I described, and finally found it....only it doesn't do what I said it does. I merely had Neons that come on when the cord is plugged in.......this is what happens to your memory as you get older LOL.

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Put them in series with the plug on the live, they wont light up until you plug in your light appliance...
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
What happens when someone plugs something into the end furthest from the plug first? Will they all light?
No the plugs are separated, Ie the neon is on the positive line of each plug...
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
In other words, in your setup, you can't use the furthest plug from the source first...?
Now the plugs are in parallel to eachother off a common rail, basically a gang extension circuit.
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Edited subject *blush*
Well to be fair you got a functional answer to the question...
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Yes, but I wanted to start this off right, with something I had done, and presented as a challenge "to do" for you all. And now I feel ashamed that I asked a question, as if I had the answer, and I didn't have the answer *sigh*.
Interesting Question Goodhart. I don' t have time to think about it in depth right now though..
Goodhart (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
Edited subject *blush*
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