Fun with a Y connector

So I got one of my friends to come over, and we played with knex. He decided to have fun with a Y connector and pretended it was a nose and lip piercing. I thought it was funny, and took pictures, then I decided to post it.

Picture of Fun with a Y connector
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sprout_less8 years ago
HAHA i can do that too
Photo 2.jpg
Camisado8 years ago
Two big lumps (nose skin) and a rod sticking out.... Oh my God....
>laughs loudly A very small rod too...
Tsk tsk... I wonder how he can pick up chicks with a rod that small.... I have this really big Y connector, it's 12 inches long. Now that is a total chick magnet.
DJ Radio (author)  Camisado8 years ago
Its not my real rod. The real one is equal to a gray rod+orange connector hooked onto my nose.
Not bad.
disgusting much?
Eh, grow up.
He has a point. You grow up.
I am. It's called puberty, milady.
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