Fun with firecrackers?

does anyone know how to have a lot of fun with firecrackers, in a weird way kinda, other than putting them in bottles and throwing them?

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Today's US-Sold firecrackers only have about 50mg (or less) of pyrotechnic material. Enough to be proven not to break the skin. However, there are many misconceptions about them which cause panic among today's paranoid/underinformed population. M80's and cherry bombs have been extinct since the 60's. Ya just can't buy them.
Still, here are a few fun examples of creative firecrackery, Call it satire, boobs.
1. Use for bird and cat control. They will do no real harm. Just ignite in the vicinity of said pests. Repeat periodically.
2. Toss 'em in the driveway and wait for the old lady across the street to call the Bomb Squad.
3. Drop' em in the old lady across the street's underwear.
4. Light, hold firecracker by the butt end, and impress your friends with your "Super Powers." Use the very tips of your fingers. Hold at arm's length. It might sting a little, but you won't get really hurt. "Sell" the act by pretending to be horribly inured. "Recover" quickly. Repeat.
5. Drop 'em down big-city subway grates. They echo for blocks through the tunnels. Run like hell.
6. Attach a long fuse. Light and drop outside your house. Go in and close the door. Observe how truly lame and not very loud they they really are. A dog bark is generally louder, in effect.
7. Tape to a punk, light, hide assembly in bushes and walk away. This can create a timed fuse of up to 30 minutes.
8. Drop them down Donald Trump's underpants.
9. Keep a box of those tiny little "snap pops" handy whenever playing with firecrackers. Present in case the police show up. Makes any complaintant look like a complete fool.

M80's aren't extinct... I bought a pack yesterday.

Those are always fakes.

BrandonG402 years ago

gather a whole bunch of fire works and friends and have a exciting war

hunsovung3 years ago

Here's a fun idea. Create a mini cannon maybe using clay or plastic pipes. Instead of lighting up the firecrackers, extract the powder from them and gather it into one small sack that can fit through the cannon. Then put it in the cannon first, and a very hard sphere or cannonball next. Make sure you design the cannon in a way that you can light a fuse safely and still ignite the powder inside (how-you decide). Make sure the cannon is sturdy enough to withstand the explosion and prevent any shrapnel from entering your eyes.

I know it's 'fun with firecrackers' but is it the best idea to advise the public to start trying to make their own cannons? If you do one little thing wrong in making it, say the pressure can't escape fast enough inside the barrel, and that turns the cannon into a bomb. Not to mention i've almost blown my hand off making such a charger (in my case they were to be grenadeish things) from simple pop-its when the whole bowl of gunpowder (could be wrong) rocks exploded like a small grenade when I dumped a few rocks in too hard and that was enough to set the whole bowl off. SOO can you imagine all the to-be-handless people trying to concentrate all of that for a cannon charge?
I mean I don't really care, if people get dumb enough to blow themselves up, it's natural selection! If you do it, just know the dangers and do some research beforehand x)

westfw9 years ago
String up "a bunch"...
J.C1 westfw2 years ago

Holy S***! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo jelly!

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daninja8 years ago
this is never before seen. Take a bamboo pole and tape a bullet shell casing to one end of the gun. then stick in a firecracker and wedge a pebble over the firecracker. light fuse, shoulder and wait!
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