Funky wall treatments with paper and old books

Want to add a new look to your walls for cheap? Ruche has posted these tutorials for a few different effects. There's a flower wall made out of butcher paper, an old book turned into wallpaper, the quickest explanation of the invisible bookshelf I've ever seen, and even an antique paint treatment. Check out the link to see how they're done.

DIY - Wall Decor from Ruche's Lookbook via Design*Sponge

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I'm looking at the book and fabric wallpapers and having thoughts...

Might find a big board and an old book to make up a nice thing, granted it means finding a book I'm willing to destroy and have on my wall...
Get two copies of the book, then you can show every page...
Well that's entirely logical! I can't abide by it!
O.K O.K so I found the link you included, but what I meant, was, how is it that you find the cool sites on the internet?  You are a-m-a-zing.  Also, I can't find the clock in a jar...  :0(
Check our instructable where we teach you how to make the clock in the jar :)
But you haven't made an Instructable yet, just a video. Here's the previous Instructable for the Clock-in-a-Jar.
I can't even figure out how to insert a video, let alone an Instructable-still some what of a ludite, I guess

You can't be a Luddite, since you like technology :-)

If you want to just publish out a video, there's a button on the Submit page.

If you want to embed a video in a comment, like some of us do, use the Rich Editor button and look for the little "movie frames" icon. That'll bring up a pop-up in which you paste in the "embed" code (not just a URL!) that you copied from YouTube, or Vimeo, or wherever.

Thanks for your encouragement :0)
fungus amungus (author)  porcupinemamma7 years ago
The second link is always where I found something. Design*Sponge is a cool place to check out.
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