Funny new website i found

This will humiliate people who make mistakes so badly. This is a website which googles something for you automatically in a short animation. Good old internet memes! You just copy the url into a new window, and change the ending to what you want to search for.

It's so fun!

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Hiyadudez8 years ago
Lol, you should do this to someone at school, but make it search a anguhty site :)
DJ Radio8 years ago
Not new at all. Ive used that site in several rickroll pranks.
barrax DJ Radio8 years ago
huh no way (hes had me 4 times with the same trick).
DJ Radio barrax8 years ago
barrax DJ Radio8 years ago
you rickrolld me four times with the let me google that for you trick. well, nearly four.
DJ Radio barrax8 years ago
weird, I only remember doing it once.
barrax DJ Radio8 years ago
Well you managed three. (the other one i exited the lmgtfy.
barrax DJ Radio8 years ago
can you keep the website, cause i can't get it to IM FEELING LUCKY.
lemonie8 years ago
Splurge your bandwidth on video:

the_mad_man8 years ago
that's cool