Furniture Mash-Up

A bunch of broken furniture and enough epoxy, and you've got Thomas Wold's Piecemeal.

Commissioned to design a "green" coffee table for Good Hotel in San Francisco (the "first hotel with a conscience"), Wold scavenged used bits and pieces to create his piece.

Scope the process on his blog. And while you're there, check out the computer station he designed for the same hotel.

Details are in the current issue of Ready Made.

Picture of Furniture Mash-Up
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Deek D7 years ago

i think I saw this same table in Readymade magazine....real cool......

even with spray paint or a compressor set-up, it looks like it'd be a pain to evenly paint though....but the idea is real clever!

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I love the DIY culture. It's not about being nice, which would mean to be fake, but it's about appreciating that some people do things themselves and are autonomous toward others. For instance this is how Ashley Furniture started doing their models and now they have come to a policy that never exploited anyone and even pay the workers for how worth the product is. Keep doing that.
I want one! I think I saw this on yanko design...
scoochmaroo (author)  PlayPatterns8 years ago
Cool. I think this would make a great instructable if you made one. . . feature worthy even. . .
Haha thats sweet. I see a skateboard.... lots of table legs... this is pretty sweet.