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Hey, my computer is being somewhat of a fishwife, and the files I'm uploading to instructables aren't coming out right. If anyone feels like giving us a new logo, drop me a line.

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creationwiz2 years ago

does any fur have a clue on how to make a lion fursuit

LoneWolf7 years ago
Here's one idea, but I have some better ones that I just have to find again:

Toon_ca78 years ago
I hope this treath is still open... well, anyway I come with something to use it as the comunity's logo: http://toon-ca7.deviantart.com/art/logo-115560645

yeah I know isnt really original but I hope it kinda work =3
aceLED Toon_ca77 years ago
yo ur rly good at drawing furries :|
Kataze (author)  Toon_ca78 years ago
I'm a fan. That's pretty clever. I wouldn't have thought of it. :P
What's a furry?
A furry is me =)
Ok well to explain it roughly furries are people who are members of the furry fandom. It includes art, lots of conversation, and fursuiting!(my personal favorite).
I know this is not a very good explanation only because its kind of hard to explain. If somone else replies and says something stupid like its all about yiff or some thing sexual. Don't beleive them! they are morons.

sorry if this doesn't explain but heh i'm not much of an explanation person...
But some of it is sexual. Have you checked out furaffinity? It's not all sexual, only a small, small percent.
Yes I know there is a sexual aspect but thats not what i'm into it for. I am into furries because I like fursuiting and I like to draw furries. =)
I'm starting to draw furry. My fursona is a grey wolf.
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