Further Advances in Invisibility

As those of you who have been fervently following my posts for over a year know, last summer I was working on making myself invisible. While my the results of my experiment were lackluster, it appear that a man in China has nearly perfected the technique. He says his quest towards invisibility started in 2005 as a protest of the Chinese government who had shut down his art studio. You can see some of the results of his research here.

Picture of Further Advances in Invisibility
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sharlston8 years ago
cant wait until invisiblty sits come out
Fashim8 years ago
Instead of making Invisible Fabrics why dont they just bend the light around the object
Because its impossible right now but when we have the technology who knows what war will be like.
haha, if we ever get invisible stuff for a war, I wanna go around in a ninja suit Slashin' people.
Fun can I come?
lol yeah, but bring a bullet proof vest and a helmet so you dont get blown to pieces.
Hmm were can i aquite such items
Are you thinking of Cyborg Ninka from Mgs1? But yes that would be awesome
nah soz, Ive never really played mgs, the old one for the ps1 was kinda hard to understand XD
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