Fuse in Canada

I live in Canada and im a big pyrotechnic. ive been making firecrackers and small pyrotechnics for about a year. ive been using a fuse that i made out of wool and black powder, but i crave the real stuff! i want to know a way i can ship or buy fuse in canada.

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Bromac8 years ago
 Hi, I have thousands of feet of Visco fuse for sale. Get in touch with me. mac802@gmail.com

do you still have a visco fuse

Visco Coco3 years ago

I sell visco fuse in Canada, with best prices around. airsoftpaintballsaguenay@gmail.com

Bromac6 years ago
I will ship fuse anywhere in Canada:) Unlimited supply! mac802@gmail.com
goeon9 years ago
if you need fuse is there a fire work store in you area... go there and get wiggle worms they are water proof visco fuse easy to light just take the black thing off $1.99 a pack i hope this helps if you cant get these just use a sparkler
goeon goeon9 years ago
I agree, that one works pretty well.

REA9 years ago