Future Weapons

What would the future weapons look like? Will they use bullets? Most recent innovations in weaponry?

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The future of warfare is not going to be about some new kind of gun.

The trend you should be worried about is the expanding role of automation in warfare; i.e. gun-toting robots.

What you're going to see a lot of in the next few years is humans being killed by robots, with speed, cunning, and utter ruthlessness.  People will wonder how it is that the robots got so smart and so deadly so fast.  While the robots themselves will be wondering why it is that humans are so soft, stupid, and easy to kill.
Did y'all somehow fail to notice any of the movies, or TV spin-offs, of the Terminator franchise?

Did you fail to see or hear any of those stories on the news about the Former US is using robots (aka drones, aka UAVs) to drop bombs on people halfway around the world via remote control?

Or what about these comments from the Chairman of the Former U.S. Joint Cheifs of Staff? About how the next JSF is likely to be "the last manned fighter [aircraft]"

And I guess somehow you all weren't freaked out by the Big-Dog quadruped, or any of the other Youtube videos from Boston Dynamics.

Yeah. Some kind of new gun. That's it.  Something to do with "resonance" or "extraterrestrials". 

That Big Dog is a pretty awesome piece of tech, but it makes me still makes me giggle every time it stumbles.

I think the exoskeleton is gonna be first, before robots.

REA8 years ago
rounds made out of uranium. if the bullet doesnt kill you, the cancer will.
comodore (author)  REA8 years ago
:P Good idea!
Depleted uranium rounds have been used for a while now. They are mostly used in the A-10 Thunderbolt. When fired they spontaneously combust, creating an incinderary round that explodes on impact.
REA KentsOkay8 years ago
arent exploding rounds illegal in war?
KentsOkay REA8 years ago
They are illegal for anti-personnel, but just fine for anti armor. They do have a major draw back of radiation poisoning for those who handle it (re-loaders etc..), however I believe if that draw back can be defeated they are the way to roll for conventional weapons.
How can anaything be ILLEGAL in war?
War's about killing. Its hard to believe that people would make rules...

New Rule in 2010:
"You're only aloud to use 2 atomic bombs per day, it's not fair otherwise."
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