Futuristic Concept Guns that may be worth a Build with your twist!

Ahhh... I feel sometimes the k'nex gun builders community lacks a bit artistic visions, so I scraped the worldwide web for some images that would pump some artistic juices into the community. With no offence to our replica builders out there, (you guys are awesome at what you do!) but I feel that building a k'nex gun is an art. Trying to create that right balance of flow of a gun while incorporating a twist that catches the persons eye is a challenge, a skill, and I feel may be a bit more challenging than making a replica. With replicas you have the comfort of a defined shape and measurements, when guns like these (some virtual, I know one is real, the harmonica gun) are built to be within a similar scale but again with that unusual and pleasing twist of the imagination.  Again I don't mean to offend anyone with the idea that replicas are not cool, replicas are awesome and I find it really hard to stay within a replicas measurements (more power to the people who can). I would just like to see some more unique visions of the builder. Build a gun that defines you and your vision of what a great gun looks and feels like. Then make it perform how you want it too. It's a complex process capturing the beauty of a well crafted k'nex gun through not only aesthetic appearance, but physical performance. These unique guns are what defines us as a K'nex gun community, a community of artists.   At the end of the pictures, I've included a couple of my best Art. (two which didn't perform as planned but nailed appearance)

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knexguy2373 years ago

I might try the first one after....wait for it....my Fully automatic, Controllable, Blow-Back, Rifle. I actually have a design ready and am starting to work on it. But yeaht that first one looks interesting to me.

Would that be perhaps a play-off of my ideas?

Sorta....I've been thinking for a while, and it'll be rubber-band powered and will shoot rubber-bands. It won't be much like yours though....but it does use your concept of rubber-bands shooting forward a slide, then the side shooting back to let off a rubber-band.

That's pretty much the basis of my gun

Cool, can't wait to see what you come up with

I have been waiting for someone else to try it

Really though, I derived my concept from comments that people had made on one of Blue Mullet's videos and apparently even before those comments existed TheDunkis had came up with the exact same concept.


Soooo who would get the credit for this mech?

As I see it, TheDunkis and TheFoofinator should get credit for mech concept, and I should get partial credit it for a mock-up. It is up to you whether you want me in the credits or not. Personally I would love to be in a credits section but I don't really deserve it as all I did was make a proof-of-concept.

It's almost done, and you will be in the credits, along with TheDunkis and TheFoofinator. I'm sorry you won't be given much credit though, due to that fact that this system is much different than yours, and in my opinion, (no offense), is better looking and takes up less space.

You should post instructions when you do post it. I really want to build it. I'm so excited.

Lol that's good...IT'S DONE....I'll be posting pics and videos today, but instructions will be out in a week or so.

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