Fuzzy cat headphones so you look like a fuzzy cat

These headphones make you look like a cat and can be bought, but this looks like an easy product to make yourself and try your own variations. Or if you want something a little more tough you can try for some scary looking horns. It's up to you.

Link via bbgadgets

Picture of Fuzzy cat headphones so you look like a fuzzy cat
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This is the kind of thing I wake up with... And just wonder... Actually I'm thinking of modding my skullcandies to be a bit more unreasonable, no cat ears but maybe something equally amusing, or if I can't be imaginative devil horns may be appropriate...
Make the Instructable Robot's ear things :D With the little red semi-domes...
Kiteman Kaiven8 years ago
What, like these?
Kaiven Kiteman8 years ago
Yeah! :D
Half a red ballpit ball and some springy wire with a little ball on the end? Robophones! You know you want to... actually, there are some unused ear defenders in my garden, perhaps I should build those.
Kiteman PKM8 years ago
Have a look here.
i wud lyk hol otfid plz Those are amazing! I definitely need some. :D
lemonie8 years ago
I don't get the outfit... wierd L
DebH578 years ago
Ha ha ha too cute
CameronSS8 years ago
It seems odd that these are actual headphones...couldn't you just wear cat ears and earbuds and have exactly the same effect?
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