G33 Assault Rifle

This is an old gun I was about to take apart to make my M4, but I thought maybe someone wanted to make this. If I get enough positive feedback and enough people ask me to make instructions, I will. It features: Non-removable 10+ shot magazine New-Style Floating trigger mechanism/string (ask for details) foward handle(optional) stock (crap, but could always be modded) Specs: Range 60 feet Accuracy: Up to 25 feet Reliability: Medium/High (never jams) Modifiable: Yes If I do eventually post this gun, I will also post the other interchangeable parts (actual magnifying scope, longer barrel, telescoping stock) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: I destroyed the gun but it is probably easy to make from the pictures if you want, and if you still need any help, you can ask me.

Picture of G33 Assault Rifle
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smidge1479 years ago
no way is this gun accurate up to 45ft. if so then PROVE IT!
My Cannon is acurate up to 80 feet.
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