GAME: Flash Element TD and 12 Awesome Flash Games

This game is really fun and challenging. Try it out. It's only 178 KB.

Flash Element TD on

Post your high score!

I still haven't beaten level 39! Argh!

MY HIGH SCORE: (the high score list shows only the high scores from the last five hours)

Rank: 243
Name: Aeshir
Score: 12,831
Level: 39
Lives: 4

Rank: 410
Name: Aeshir
Score: 7,143
Level: 39
Lives: 0

Rank: 439
Name: Aeshir
Score: 5,657
Level: 39
Lives: 0

Rank: 567
Name: Aeshir
Score: 1,873
Level: 32
Lives: 0

Rank: 780
Name: Aeshir
Score: 1,632
Level: 34
Lives: 0

Also, here's page on with 12 flash games.

12 Terrific Time-Wasters!

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crestind10 years ago
This is such a fun defense game! This is probably going to be my new addiction, after my 2 week addiction on Stick Arena...
lemonie10 years ago
There are loads of Flash games at L
Aeshir (author)  lemonie10 years ago
I know, I have 238 (204 MB worth) of flash games I've copied from my browser cache from various sites.
KentsOkay Aeshir10 years ago
How do you copy flash games? That game was sweet and I would love to play it offline.
Aeshir (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
Aeshir (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
Agh! I was about to play it too! xD I'll start right away.
I played that game a couple times. Your placement is off. Try putting a single cannon diagonally across the path from your bottom-right turret.
Aeshir (author)  fungus amungus10 years ago
Oh, that screenshot isn't from my game. It's from the Maximum PC page lol
I "played" it again and got about 37,000. Aside from a couple levels, the game doesn't require you to watch the action happen.
Aeshir (author)  fungus amungus10 years ago
I still can't beat level 39, but I get so close every time. And I never bother with the score, I'm so addicted to it xD
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