Ok I have to do a public speaking presentation and i am doing it on the price of gas! what should i say if you have anything i can add to my presentation or any facts and things that you know please tell me!!

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easyrider19 years ago
you might ask if anyone there is dying of cancer or has a fatal illness.and if you get a yes tell them their gas pains are about over and please kill an oil executive and his family on the way out of this life.if we can get enough terminally sick people to do that maybe the other greedy oil execs. will get the idea.then we can start on health insurance.if you're gonna die soon anyway,do some good for the ones you leave will be appreciated.
jtobako9 years ago
You could say that gas prices are a regressive tax, that those who can least afford the high price of gas can't afford newer, more efficient vehicles. European gas prices are much higher (.99 pounds/liter is about $8 per gallon?) BUT the public transportation system covers most of the population.
You could tell them that you know a girl who bought $30.00+ worth of gas this morning at $3.13 a gallon this morning in Louisville. Weeeeeeeee.
rickick (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
lol Now I Do :P
Or that someone recently had to trade in his new car to buy gas for his old car *joking* :-)
dsman1952769 years ago
tell them this joke. if some one asks you whats up say" gas prices"
for me, my Cholesterol is higher *sigh*
thats to bad. makes a great joke though.
Really it is under control now, but it was up for quite awhile :-)
Is it supposed to be a powerpoint, or just a speech? I would make sure to talk about how prices have changed, how they're expected to change, and why they've changed.
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