GEN H-4 Mini Personal Helicopter

The GEN H-4 personal helicopter weighs 70 kg, carries 220 kg total, has 40 hp of 2-stroke power, counter-rotating props, and costs $35 K. Check out what it takes to put together:

Or, get a flying motorcycle from Butterfly Gyroplane:

Picture of GEN H-4 Mini Personal Helicopter
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Niem9 years ago
this iz totally awesooooome
Kiteman9 years ago
If I recall correctly, these "back pack" helicopters are light enough to count in the "microlight" class of aircraft, and thus do not require a flying licence.

Eyes boys' piggybanks speculatively
duck-lemon9 years ago
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KentsOkay9 years ago
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Ive always wanted to ride one of those small helicopters that are around $10,000 or something
ll.139 years ago
Interesting! I can't see it following the T Ford though. :-)