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For this project and i need some help quickly so...My questions are: Does this require any resistors with a 9v battery?
Wil it work fine with the regular buttons drilled out(I mean, will it shine through)? And is my wiring(below) correct (the step was kind of confusing)?


Picture of GH LED MOD
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drummer ian10 years ago
User V=IR
V = voltage in
I = current (this should be dependant on the LED, usually a couple of mA)
R = the resistor value you use
Soo... R = V/I
Butt we usually assume you loose 2v accross and LED so for you i expect it would be:
R = 9-2/(2x10-3)
Just remember to wire the leds in the correct ways round or they wont work (usually + is the longer pin)
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Most LEDs also have a flat spot in the plastic lens indicating the cathode (in this case negative) side.
gmoon8 years ago
Use an LED calculator.
--The forward voltage (drop) depends on the LED type. Red LEDs have ~1.8V drop, other colors are somewhat higher.
-- Current is 20mA max for typical LEDs. 15mA is a safe level.

LEDs are current dependent--since the number of lit LEDs will vary, you must use a separate resistor for each LED. And each resistor / LED combo must be connected directly to the battery (not in series.)

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