ok well im being asking "why do you still like my friend" and i really dont know how to answer im just wondering what do you guys and girls say when someone asks that question like do you guys say oh like how she looks blah blah that typical stuff i want some gooood stuff deep thoughts

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Dr.Big8 years ago
a girl asked me why do you like her and not me. And I just simply replied and said "Because if I date you and it doesn't work out it could sacrifice our friendship." that might work but if it doesn't. START A NEW SCHOOL!!!
I miss school
Your name remids me that fist can be a verb
A word with "ing" on the end
Do you mean they're asking why you lke their friend? Or are you asking, there's 2 ing words so Im confused. Umm yeah are you asking for good things to say because you can't think of any. If you like her then say why you like but in good terms and try not to use the word nice, I want to remove that word from existence for being bland... If you like her just because shes hot then you may need to think hard... (not like that, then you get slapped and called a pervert lol) Or you could side step them completely because girls friends always want you to jump through hoops for them for approval but I take it you want the approval of the girl you like... If you are able to get a chance to talk to her without her friends bugging you then try that. Just bite the bullet and conquer your fears... at least that way you know what's actually going on. If you're stuck then: - say a few things about her personality - don't say you love her - Only say one thing about her looks - Something about her that's honest (I mean don't lie but something very true) - If you must, challenge them *example: You - why are so worried about me asking her out Girls - Because she our friend we care about her you - Then why can't you let her make her own decision (good time to throw in something about her being intelligent aswell) Sorry if this is no help I'm not exactly sure what you're asking but I hope it helps. If I missed the question just ask it again in really simple terms lol (goes cross eyed)
speeddy (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
what i was trying to say that im being ask the qestion "why do you still like my freind" when im being asked this i go blank haha and im just wondering what you girls or guys say when your being asked this.
c4l3b speeddy9 years ago
say "well, I can't change that I'm attracted to her.I'm a guy, we like girls, that's what we do. Sorry. But I'm MORE attracted to you. You have nothing to worry about." that should cover it. or just lie.
speeddy (author)  c4l3b9 years ago
I see maybe just saying why is the best bet, or ask abck why you might stop liking her... I remember this old game with girls, it stupid isn't it (im only seventeen so I do know about that life... anitsocial is better...
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