GPRS SM5100B for Ardunio Mega

This Project show how to send GPRs packet Using SM5100B  Module with Ardunio Mega

you need
1- Ardunio Mega
2- GSM SM5100B
3- IP  address of server we're connecting to
4- name of the host at this IP address

if you don't have IP & Host  you can use  it's  free .
Referunce :

Picture of GPRS SM5100B  for Ardunio Mega
ahmad8294 years ago
amirvaz4 years ago
does anyone have a log file of a data logger connected to an Arduino?
Basically, I want to know whether it is possible to log the GSM messages of the Air interface (e.g. paging command, CM service request, Location Update etc...) using the Arduino and a data logger.
I would appreciate any insight on this.