GPS based Camera Tracker

I just wanted to check with the community out there to see if anyone knows of a good place to start building a tracking system that is GPS based.  essentially, a person or object will wear a gps device and there will be one placed on a camera gimbal.  I am hoping to create a way for an arduino to do the math so that the camera stays fixed on the target no matter where the target / camera moves.

Any thoughts??

mdockerty4 years ago
I'm currently looking to find a similar solution... I'd like to mount a camera on a helo and have it automatically track a fixed point regardless of the helos position or angle.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Try Really, what do you need, a fixed platform camera to track the object or one that is on the moving platform relative to a fixed object. Look into star tracking systems used on telescopes and there are probably a few built using arduinos.
crashpilot (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion caitlinsdad. I am actually building a hexacopter that has an independent camera system which will track moving objects. So actually both the camera platform and the object will be in motion.
I think your setup requires some thought on how the system acquires or identifies/mark the target. Passively by analyzing the image by image recognition or being lased or marked with an laser/IR beam. Maybe you can use a kinect camera setup but I think you might be getting into a complex setup. Good luck.