GPS reciever from cell phone!

Okay, i just got back from an air force base on a extremely classified training mission. but while i was there i learned a little known fact about a device that almost EVERYONE has in there pockets right now! well let me first tell you about a law that was passed somewhere between 2000-2005 that states " all cellular devices produced after this date must have a Global Positioning Service "GPS" device/module installed". so all post millennium cell phones have GPS in them and enabled for mostly federal uses. Your cellphone service providers such as Verizon have barely caught on to the trend and realized that since they already have a virtually unused GPS device inside why not utilize it? so they added a GPS service to it. thought not bug free, it is and amazing device for its size. it can give you position, speed, and altitude! so my question is as follows... how in the heavens can we "extract" and "utilize" this chip from our old our spare cell phones? this is possible but how? possibly paired with and Arduino? if anyone has a degree in engineering or a local library and the ingenuity to reverse engineer a mobile device, then the possibilities are endless! this is up to you instructables community!

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forgesmith9 years ago
I would think the better route would be to just interface with the phone and query it what the GPS position is. All it takes is a cable and the right software.

I don't know that it's law that there must be GPS installed, can't find anything that explicitly says that, post the link if you have it. However as part of wireless Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency crews have to be able to find you, for which there is a law, and according to the Wikipedia article (far as that goes) some networks like Verizon use GPS for that and some don't.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. As westfw points out, trying to separate the components is next to impossible for a DIYer. Probably not easy to do if you have a $100K desoldering station. . It may be possible to use the USB port to read the GPS data.
williamkidd (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
well if theres any coders than we can figure out how to tether to our laptops!
westfw9 years ago
I think trying to extract parts from cellphones is pretty hopeless; they tend to use those awful impossible-to-solder packages and such. Also, I suspect that you're looking at something that shares the main CPU of the phone rather than a nice stand-alone module. However, technology that goes into cellphones tends to show up on the surplus market as well (pager motors, audio transducers, lcds...), not to mention getting cheap just by virtue of volume manufacturing. You can already get GPS modules (new) for well under $100; I'd expect that price to go down.
I just seen a USB G.P.S. 20 channel, with mapping software for $59 and it goes to $45 on sale... For $99 you can get a very nice 32 channel 5 Hz refresh G.P.S., much better then those used in a phone.... Cheaper then a half decent soldering iron