GPS using robotic device

Hi guys!

I currently have an GPS, 3 full rotation servos (+ 2 small ones) , a dual axis gyro and my Arduino Deumilanove.

Can you please post some random ideas of robotic devices from UAV planes to robotic arms.

Google Diy drones that's the name of the site
I'm currently working on a uav the best website I've found is sit drone they got they Have some aruino sheilds for the uav that have xyz sensors and can fit a gps module, instant telementary"wifi controlled",camera,payload
With this theroticly you can fly miles and miles form the start point
All in all you might spend 300$ for the most basic uav
Hey mate, what is this website? sounds for perfect for a project I'm about to start :)
dombeef7 years ago
Well I am making a plane with an old innovation first controller.