GSA Auctions

Hello dear friends! I lately have found a resource for us makers in the US. The General Services Administration conducts auctions of government surplus. From real estate to machinery, anything that you could find useful. Check it out!

GSA Auctions

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The vehicles are not a bad deal, they are maintained regularly and they get rid of them when they get to around 50-60k miles.

awww, no small tanks listed.

If you can put up the import duty, you could try

Kiteman Kiteman3 years ago,37,/Armoured_Vehicles.htm

Due to the war ending the US Army is currently overstocked on its MRAPs, Huge sale going on 2000 must go!

Worried about someone dinging your doors in the parking lot, not anymore when your door weighs 400lbs.

Seats 4+1 comfortably (or until the A/C breaks). With a curb weight over 14tons you will think your in a Cadillac easilly geting 5 mpg!

(cost of shipping and fixing them up will only run $400,000 extra, dont let this opportunity pass you buy)

The taxes will kill you.

* goes on ebay to see what I can afford from corgi or dinky. nothing *sigh *

blkhawk (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

That's right! With a modest investment we could start our own war!

GSA is just for office supplies and vehicles. If you want some "Army equipment" you need to go to DRMO they have auctions for the public, like pallets of ammo cans or triwalls full of boots.