[GUIDE] Raspberry Pi 3g Internet Wifi Access Point (Optional script to sniff login details)

Wasn't sure where to put this, thought it might be of interest to someone in here :)

As a project, I set up my Raspberry Pi as a 3g internet Wireless AP to strip SSL from secure websites and harvest the login details. I wanted to show how easy it would be for someone to set up wireless AP providing free internet, with the equipment hidden - maybe in a backpack - and sit in a public place grabbing login details without anyone suspecting a thing. In the future I would like to do this while running the Pi from a battery bank.

Guide to set up Raspberry Pi as a 3g Wireless AP

Tutorial on writing BASH script to harvest login details

sawdust_guy4 years ago
Is there something cool I can do with a dell inspiron 7000 laptop?
BigCowPi (author)  sawdust_guy4 years ago
Just checked the specification for this - didn't see any mention of USB support, but if it does have a couple of USB ports you could buy pretty much use it to replace the Raspberry Pi in the project above.
Kiteman4 years ago
Why not write up a proper instructable?

You've got all the text, all you need is a few photos.
BigCowPi (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Ok , now I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!