Gad there are other hackers out there

Glad to know that there are other fellow hackers out there! Check out my hackers association: Microsoft Toll Booth!

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whatsisface9 years ago
Oh no, it seems somehow your site has been frozen. How very unfortunate.
He hacked himself.
Haha, he prob'ly did...
. Aren't you afraid of retaliation? Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my!
I fear this may be the last I see of my beloved laptop. Farewell, good friend.
mytemp9 years ago
UltraMagnus9 years ago
odin help us, another bunch of kiddes with an emo site with bad music on it....
and reading the intro.....the person does NOT have a true Hacker (CEH) perspective. Since they clearly "make threats", the site is illegal right on the opening page.
indeed... its crackers like this that give real hackers (like, well, what most of instructables is) a bad name
them and the ignorance of the media...*sigh*

/* end of rant
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