Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol

Hallo, I am considering getting the Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol from Shorty USA. I have a few questions, though. I was wondering if anyone actually has this gun. And if you do, what do you think, and do you know any mods to make it fire faster than the 170 F.P.S. that it does? My last question is; Does anyone know any other place to get it besides Shorty USA or eBay?


Picture of  Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol
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jhonny7 years ago
I got mine off amazon
Mintyhippo9 years ago
Go here for a good gun.
that site es the big stinko
Whaleman (author)  Mintyhippo9 years ago
Do you know of any reviews for the JG G3?
No sorry
Molybdenum9 years ago
other places to buy airsoft. -kapowwe(sp?) -airsoldier -pyramid air -redwolf airsoft -hobbytron(most of em suck) -airsplat
Whaleman (author)  Molybdenum9 years ago
You forgot airsoft GI. But I was actually referring to that particular gun, IE full metal Colt .25.
go to   everything is really inexpensive compared to everywhere else. they have a gas version of that gun for 20 dollars. it has 250 fps. great deal im gonna get it
why do you want THIS particular gun? there are many better uses for you money than bying something this worthless.
Whaleman (author)  Molybdenum9 years ago
Maybe I want THIS particular gun. Do you argue with a zombie when it wants YOUR particular brain? What about THAT GUY'S particular brain?
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