Game Ideas?

I have been thinking about designing a game. here are some ideas I've been kicking around: Post-apocalyptic themed RPG: Based loosely on Discovery's new series, The Colony, you would play a character and experience his struggles to survive a cruel and lawless world. Final fantasy styled game. Zelda Platformer: It would incorporate the 'hoppy-jumpy' gameplay of the Mario Bros. Platform games with the dungeon-questing and puzzle-solving of the Legend of Zelda Titles. Mario RTS: Simply combine the gameplay of C&C with the themes of the Mario Brothers. nothing more to say. I am using Game Maker 7 Lite. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

Picture of Game Ideas?
Achan207 years ago
that's cool looking. did you drawl it or computer render it?
AlternateLives (author)  Achan207 years ago
Nah. I found it online!

but here is one I made:
Senior Project Design Picture Finished.jpg