Game Stop pays you "?????" for games

Hello! I was wondering, how much does game stop pay you for a game? Thanks! (I'm too lazy to go to game stop)

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Oj02226 years ago
How much do you guys think their gonna pay me for wwe 2011 and FIFA 2010 and old ugly king kong??
DJ Radio8 years ago
It depends on the popularity of the game, the more popular, the more they give you.  The better it works, they more they give you.  You get 20% more if you take their store credit. 
hill729 years ago
put them on ebay you will get more. game stop was only going to give me $6 for four game.
Sandisk1duo (author)  hill729 years ago
i don't have an ebay account not old enough
parents ebay account?
kike1238 years ago
hey well im  wondering if you guys have any ideas on how much cash i might get if i sell call of duty 4 modern warfare and prototype at gamestop
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Price is dependent on:
  • Release of game
  • Popularity
  • Case?
  • Condition
  • Demand for the game
  • Money or store credit.
Call them up, they should be able to give you a decent idea considering that the game is in decent condition.
And also how many used copies they have. If they only have 1 used copy, they'll offer more so then people can rock up and buy used copies.
Sandisk1duo (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
ok, what about those horrible games that no one hears about? How much can i get?
OOh, I forgot,
  • System it's for
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