Game: what the heck is this!? Round 2

What the heck is this? In this case, I know exactly what it is. Here's a hint: The pictures were taken at the Harvard Natural History Museum.

Picture of Game: what the heck is this!?  Round 2
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that is obviously a spider encased in glass
Goodhart10 years ago
I would "guess" that this is from the Museum of Comparative Zoology ;-) The first and third pictures resemble Arachnids of some sort, but the middle one, if of the same creature, doesn't bare the same resemblance.
How did I miss this first time? The middle one is different, it's the "Spiny Orb Weaver" a common Florida species.
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Well, at least I identified it as an arachnid.... :-)
ewilhelm (author) 10 years ago
Answer is posted! Check the image with the label.
Its a conspiracy! They all lied to you! They wanted to keep the great-horned wilderbeastae (that's plural, of course) bottled up and away from society, but I knew, ohh I knew alright! They called me crazy, off my rocker, but its all LIES!
your crazy... we i mean they arent trying to hide anything. stop spreading these rumors or we may have to send out our army of genetically altered super monkeys i mean wait... you didnt read that... crap...
genetically altered monkeys? Please leave the government out of this ! LOL
After these many months of research, I conclude that is it indeed a chupacabra. You are wrong Mr. Eric, if that is your real name, Alexadre Mariachi Kabul. You are indeed an illegal alien to amazing U S of A.
Aeshir10 years ago
One word: Chupacabra
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