Gameboy Color MP3 Player!!!!Ga

I have a request. I have attempted to make a "Gameboy SP" with a gameboy color and an altoids tin. Accidentally snapping the thing in half, i have given up on the project after hours of trying to make my own bit that'll fit those darned screws (i've succeeded and plan on making an instructable about it sometime in the future) and i finally got it opened. then i destroyed it. I noticed that the thing has the potential of becoming an awesome mp3 player because it has the headphone hole, a button for select, and whatever you need! Maybe someone could use an old ipod mini for the project because i've got one that i broke too. Anyway. To summarize, i would like someone to make a Gameboy Color Mp3 player becuase that would be extremely awesome and would make me happy becuase i have a broken gameboy with nothing to do now. Below is a picture of how i feel.

Picture of Gameboy Color MP3 Player!!!!Ga
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DavidP5811 year ago

Or the SGB for that matter. Then we could have a SNES MP3 player! (I'm determined to revive this topic.)

DavidP5811 year ago

Also, it already exists. It's called the Songpro MP3. But it's only for GBC. I'm interested if the DMG or MGB could do it.

DavidP5811 year ago

Well, think of it like this. We don't need the SharpLR35902 that's in the system to decode it. What if we could do something along the lines of the SGB? (The SNES wasn't powerful enough to emulate the GB, so they shoved a GB in a cartridge and sold it.) Could we do something like that? We could have an MP3 player in a cartridge supplying the audio output to the system.

GameBoy Color's CPU is a Z80 @ 8Mhz. I wonder if it's powerful enough to decode MP3 ?
Probably not :P
To just decode MP3, and do nothing else, it seems to take 12Mhtz & 5KB of some type of RAM.
You can't get processing power from frequency alone. Frequency is just frequency, and nothing else. Processing power can change depending on the processor's architecture. Like how an Intel Core 2 @ 1.88GHZ vastly outperforms a Pentium 4 @ 3.2GHZ. Architecture is what matters.
8Mhz? Someone should try to build some new hardware for the GameBoy Color. What about some hardware based on an 1Ghz ARM processor? :D
Then it would no longer be a gameboy color, it would be yet another modern game console.
Of course it is, now if you want the ability to decompress and play MP3's of half decent quality in real time(otherwise it would be choppy) then that's diffirent. :P
Doctor What9 years ago
Good idea. But who actually still has a gameboy color anymore? I think I ripped the screens out of mine. I could probably buy one at GameCrazy...
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